Castles of Spain

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Spain has one of the largest number of castles to be visited anywhere in Europe today and through the pages of this site I will aim to portray a little of this wealth. I will not be delving too deeply into the history of Spain but will be making reference to important periods if this has a bearing on castle design and development. It will cover the period from the Muslim arrival into Spain in the 8th century until the end of the middle ages.

photo montemayor del rio

Along with many historians of castles nowadays I will be considering the social and political aspects of castles and not just the military function that the castles of Spain undoubtedly possessed.

There are many how to buy PayPal shares in the South Africa excellent Spanish language web sites out there and a few can be found by following the web links page on the main menu to the left, but there are many others. There are not so many sites on Spanish castles in the English language so this one is a small addition to that list.



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Photos on this page: Header montage, clockwise from l; Zuheros, Villalonso, Jerez,Valencia de Don Juan, Ronda. Top; Montemayor del Rio. Bottom; Xavier.